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CppNorth 2024, The Canadian C++ Conference
July 21-24, 2024 • Toronto, Canada
At the Microsoft Canadian Headquarters (Suite 4400)
In: CIBC SQUARE, 81 Bay St., Toronto, ON M5J 0E7, Canada
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Paul Williams

Bloomberg LP
Head of Terminal Experience
London, UK

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Paul co-founded Bloomberg's software engineering office in London, and has seen the department grow to 1,500 developers. He and his team specialize in near-real-time subsystems in Bloomberg's flagship product, the Bloomberg Professional Service (aka the "Bloomberg Terminal") - mainly high-performance data processing, integration with the UI and telemetry. The technology stack comprises a lot of C++, embedding of Chromium and tight integration with the V8 JavaScript engine. Paul spends his time looking after his team, defining future products with senior management, mentoring and public speaking. _x000D_
He is also strongly invested in philanthropic efforts to help young people find pathways into STEM subjects, having raised substantial funds through endurance events, and founded a university scholarship with Virgin Galactic.
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